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We believe our experience in program management, attention to detail and our confidentiality set us apart in providing success to our clients.

Sai Life believes the key tenets of successful program management include:

Resource Management

  • Adequately and realistically resource projects based on priorities and timelines
  • Ensure complete focus of Sai scientists on client projects

Timeline Management

  • Accurate timelines are agreed and communicated with the partner
  • Identify and resolve problems rapidly

Communication Management

  • Open and regular communication between teams
  • Ensure seamless and real-time access to all project information

Report Management

  • Quality weekly and final reports

In addition, Sai has incorporated a number of key tools and processes to facilitate the important communication and exchange of information between parties:


  • Weekly or bi-weekly per clients requirements
  • Meeting minutes / action items sent out within 24 h
  • Data and report communications hosted through secure E-room environment

Weekly written updates

  • Utilize customizable templates
  • Capture key progress over past week
  • Highlight issues which need resolution and plan of action to be taken
  • Give detailed experimentals in ACS-style format to allow for client review
  • Highlight amounts of intermediates on hand, allowing client to easily allocate according to priorities
  • Target Molecule Tracker, intermediates trackers, Gantt charts and reaction databases are also available

Project Management

Efficient program management is a key focus area for Sai in delivering clients’ projects. Our Project Managers are the window to our company. They work closely with development and operational groups to ensure project timelines are met while ensuring consistent and effective processes throughout the project life cycle.

Sai Life project management is based on the following principles:

  • Global standards are followed for the confidentiality of documentation and data with all employees signing a binding Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement.
  • The customer retains full ownership of any IP generated.
  • Complete data protection for clients with a firewall restricting access only to the specific project team.
  • Customer interface through single point of contact: The project manager is the “Single Point of Contact” for all ongoing projects and has a 360° view of the project. This individual is the “go-to” person for the customer for all project related matters and coordinates the efforts of the Project Delivery Team (PDT).
  • The PDT is a team of experienced chemists and engineers, well acquainted with cGMP manufacturing and the regulatory requirements for the organic synthesis manufacture of an NCE from pre-clinical stage to commercialization.