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US: Eric Neuffer: +1 908 850 3460
Europe: Dirk Sartor, PhD: +49 152 3361 4996
Asia Pacific: K. Karthik +91 (0)998 930 2255
Global: Marcel Velterop: +41 (0)797 733 453


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The Molecular Lifecycle model (below) illustrates the breadth of Sai’s expertise.


Key elements of Sai’s value proposition:

  • A broad spectrum of solutions in discovery from creative chemistry to high quality DMPK/Tox and biology.
  • Expertise in complex small molecule synthesis with a focus on quality by design (QbD) and ICH Q11 compliance for KSMs, intermediates and NCEs.
  • Numerous flexible cGMP reactor trains, supporting low to medium volume products from 0.1 to 25-40mt/yr. Sai Life Sciences operates all of the essential organic chemistry technologies in its facilities and can operate down to a containment level of 1µgm/m3