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Manufacturing facility at Bidar, India

Sai Life Sciences’ flagship manufacturing centre delivers cGMP API and intermediates for early phase, late phase and commercial molecules across US, Europe and Japan.

Contract Manufacturing
Bidar facility highlights

Our world-class manufacturing facility is equipped with flexible and versatile infrastructure and we are continuously investing in making it better.

Ergonomically designed production blocks
Class 100,000 Clean Rooms
300Ltray-type Lyophilizer
Chromatography at commercial scale
Temperature controlled warehouse

Flexible and versatile infrastructure

  • 0.25KL to 10KL reactor sizes
  • Stainless Steel, Glass-lined and Hastelloy reactors
  • 7 clean rooms of ISO 8 (Class 100,000)
  • Lyophilization at pilot & commercial scale
  • Chromatography at commercial scale
  • Temperature controlled warehouse
  • Cryo reactions at 2.5 KL to 5 KL scale
Advanced containment systems
Continuous liner ports
Glove boxes
Fire protection systems
Zero liquid discharge

Highest standard of safety and industrial hygiene

  • Advanced containment systems – Powder transfer systems (PTS), drum containment systems (DCS), glove boxes, Isocharge, Nitrogen purge hopper, continuous liner ports, spray balls and closed sampling devices
  • Advanced fire protection systems – Vapour detection, suppression systems,centrifuge inertization
  • 21CFR compliant single fluid automation system with precision controls and safety interlocks
  • Hydrogenation – Fully automated hydrogenation block with safety features and 500 L to 4000 L capacity
  • Zero liquid discharge facility