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US: Eric Neuffer: +1 908 850 3460
Europe: Dirk Sartor, PhD: +49 152 3361 4996
Asia Pacific: K. Karthik +91 (0)998 930 2255
Global: Marcel Velterop: +41 (0)797 733 453


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Ideal volumes are in the range of 1-50 tons for more specialty focused intermediates & API’s and in the gram to kilo scale for prostaglandins.

Our highly skilled route scouting and process development teams are supported by effective supply chain, IP, analytical development, QC, QA, manufacturing, regulatory and program management teams.

Sai will only supply products where allowed by law and comply with global IP regulations.

We look forward to discuss your specific intermediate and API requirements and develop a joint approach to support your market plans.

API Current Capabilities:

  • Highly skilled API development teams for niche and complex APIs such as prostaglandins, vitamin D analogues and non-hormonal steroids
  • Experienced in integrated product development with formulation development teams based out of Pune
  • Salt and polymorph screening and development by collaborating with formulation team
  • Specialized and niche APIs for emerging market needs
  • Early development APIs for polymorph and salt screening studies can also be supplied from 100 grams up to 5-10 kg scale

API Portfolio List - Existing DMFs View More

S.NoProduct NameDMFPlatform/Therapeutic CategoryAPI Batch Size Output
1EpoprostenolUSProstaglandin160 – 180 gms
2DoxercalciferolCan FileProstaglandin37 – 42 gms
3DoxercalciferolUSVit D38 – 42 gms
4ParicalcitolUSVit D10 – 12 gms
5IbutilideUSAnti Arrhythmic23 – 25 gms
6Dapsone*USAnti Bacterial55 – 60 kgs
7CiprofibrateEUAnti Lipemic50kgs
8Ferric Sodium EdetateEUIron Fortificant60 kgs
9NefopamEUNon opioid Analgesic 50kgs
10Methenamine Hippurate USAnti Bacterial 60 kgs
11Enzalutamide intermediate US-20 kgs
12PimozideUSAnti Psychotic 500 gms
13MilrinoneCanadaCardiovascular1 kgs
14Isoproterenol HCL**USBronchodilator100 - 150 gms

* Tied up exclusively for oral formulation in US market

Other Commercial API Products View More

S.NoProduct NameRegionPlatform/Therapeutic CategoryBatch Size OutputRemarks
1Tiotropium Bromide IndiaCOPD50 gms-
2Carboprost TromethamineIndiaProstaglandin40 – 50 gms150 gms in the pipeline
3BimatoprostIndiaProstaglandin50 gms500 gms in the pipeline
4TravoprostIndiaProstaglandin20 gms-

Other Commercial Intermediates View More

S.NoIntermediate NameProduct NameRegionBatch Size Output
13- Acetyl Pyridine intermediateCommon intermediate of Imatinib, Risedronate, NilotinibRoW1000 kgs
2Keto Sulfone IntermediateEtoricoxibRoW200 kgs
3Hexa Fluoro IntermediateEtoricoxibRoW250 kgs
4Amine intermediateImatinibRoW100 kgs
5Uridine intermediate(66-2)SofosbuvirUS50 kgs
6Uridine intermediate(32-3)SofosbuvirUS50 kgs
74-(Trifluoromethyl)-AnilineLeflunomideUS & Row35 kgs
83-(4-Methyl-1H-imidazol-1-yl)-5-(trifluoromethyl)anilineNilotinibUS15 kgs

Projects Under Development / Scale Up View More

S.NoProduct NameProduct CategoryRegionPresent StatusSample Availability
1Ribavirin APIUS & RoWScale up in progressAvailable
2AmtolmetinAPIIndiaDevelopment in progressAvailable
3AfatinibIntermediateUSScale up in progressAvailable
4FexofenadineIntermediateRoWScale up in progressAvailable
5PalbociclibIntermediate-1 Intermediate-11USScale up in progressAvailable
6Nintedanib IntermediateUSDevelopment in progressMar-16
7Lenvatinib Intermediate-1 Intermediate-11USDevelopment in progressJul-16
8EluxadolineIntermediate-1 Intermediate-11USDevelopment in progressApr-16
9Sacubitril Intermediate-1 Intermediate-11USDevelopment in progressJul-16

Planning to Initiate Development in 2016 View More

S.NoProduct NameRegionSample Availability
1Olaparib IntermediateUSSep-16
2Avibactam IntermediateUSSep-16

All products will NOT be supplied to countries in which these could be in conflict with existing patents. The final responsibility lies exclusively with the buyer.