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US: Eric Neuffer: +1 908 850 3460
Europe: Dirk Sartor, PhD: +49 152 3361 4996
Asia Pacific: K. Karthik +91 (0)998 930 2255
Global: Marcel Velterop: +41 (0)797 733 453


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We have learned through experience, it is when we build a partnership with a customer, that we can truly amplify our mutual interests and successes. At Sai, we will call this “+1” and it hints at the additional value we aim to find mutually in longer term relationships.

Sai is acutely aware of the demanding timelines needed to remain competitive in today’s global markets as well as the need to accelerate innovation. By working in close collaboration with our clients, we are better able to deliver resolutions to complex concerns that arise throughout the process development life cycle of a project as well as its commercial life.

In providing our customers with a team of experienced Program Managers, PhD chemists, engineers, technicians, analytical,

regulatory and quality personnel with strong communication skills, we are able to ensure a seamless transition from bench to market. Sai’s global BD team is very experienced in facilitating the connections that are required to achieve true partnership in every sense of the word.

Sai is also seeking to partner or team-up with other relevant service providers if this is deemed beneficial by our customers in an effort to reduce supply chain complexity.

At Sai, we are committed to making it better together every day and aim to meet and exceed customer expectations for the long term.