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Why Sai for Biology Services? 

  • 6 year track record of providing high quality and value added biology support services across multiple therapeutic areas
  • Comprehensive in vitro and in vivo capabilities
  • Clear and concise reports accompanied by raw data (customized to client requirements)
  • Professional service with emphasis on excellent communication
  • Streamlined coordination with Chemistry and DMPK teams to accelerate progress (all teams under one roof)
  • Flexible and adaptive working style with fast turnaround times
  • Screening throughput of >100 compounds a week per assay

Sai Biology – Your Partner in Drug Discovery

We develop, validate and employ a variety of biochemical and cellular screening assays combined with efficacy testing in animal models of disease, to meet the drug discovery needs of our innovator clients. With an emphasis on translational research, we work with our clients to develop and evaluate cellular assays

and animal models that are a close approximation of the human disease. Our capabilities include the measurement of target, pathway and disease biomarkers that quantify the specific contributions of a biological target to one or more disease phenotypes.

Sai aims to be a strong intellectual partner with the primary goal of adding value to our clients’ drug discovery efforts.

Biology Platforms

Screening support for Medicinal Chemistry

  • Biochemical assays
  • Cellular assays
  • Biochemical & Cellular selectivity assays

Deep Biology

  • Assay development – optimization & validation
  • Mechanism of action (MOA) studies
  • Biomarker quantitation
  • Disease-relevant cellular assays

Pharmacology Models

  • Acute PK/PD screening models
  • Chronic disease models
  • Target biomarker measurement to assess target coverage in vivo
  • Ex vivo studies in isolated cells and tissue (ELISA, Western blotting and qPCR)


Plate Readers

1. Tecan Infinite M1000 Pro plate reader permits multiple assay formats.

  • Luminescence
  • Fluorescence (FRET, TR-FRET)
  • Fluorescence Polarization (FP)
  • AlphaLISA
  • AlphaScreen
  • Absorbance, UV to NIR

2. TopCount NXT HTS microplate scintillation counter for plate-based, medium throughput (384-well) radioligand binding assays.

  • FlashPlate
  • Scintillation Proximity Assay (SPA)

3. FlexStation 3 for medium throughput (384-well) GPCR screening assays

  • Intracellular calcium release
  • cAMP accumulation

Medium throughput fully automated screening support for NCEs

  • Tecan Freedom Evo 100 liquid handler
  • Versette automated liquid handler
  • Bio-Tek 405 select LS plate washers
  • Thermo Multidrop Combi reagent dispensers
  • Molecular Biology and Cell Biology
  • PikoREAL 96 real time PCR system
  • Gel-doc XR+ imaging system
  • Logic Labconco Purifier Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Steri Cycle CO2 Incubators_ Imaging Platforms
  • EVOS FL AUTO automated fluorescence microscope (Thermo Fisher) with image analysis capabilities

Sample Storage

  • Liquid nitrogen containers
  • -800 °C freezers
  • -200 °C freezers
  • 4 °C refrigerators

Assay Capabilities 

  • Biochemical/Enzymatic assays (Binding assays and Enzyme Activity assays; radioactive & non-radioactive)
  • Generation of stable cell lines and screening
  • Kit-based assays or assays that require reagent generation and optimization
  • Cell based assays using primary cells and cell lines (in vitro) and cells/tissue harvested form animal studies (ex vivo)
  • Reporter assays
  • Cytokine, chemokine, growth factor release assays
  • Pathway mapping using Western blot and qPCR Analyses
  • Biomarker development and validation
  • PK-PD models to assess compound exposure and target coverage with appropriate target and pathway biomarkers
  • Cell viability, proliferation and cytotoxicity
  • Inflammatory cell (T cell, macrophage) migration assays
  • Other custom pharmacology assays based on client requirements

Animal Pharmacology


  • Subcutaneous Xenograft models
  • Syngeneic models
  • Metastasis models
  • Angiogenesis models


  • Collagen antibody induced arthritis
  • Adjuvant induced arthritis
  • Carrageenan induced paw edema
  • Carrageenan air pouch model (mouse/rat)
  • PMA induced ear inflammation


1. Nociceptive Pain Models

  • Hot Plate Test
  • Tail Flick Test
  • Acetic Acid Writhing Test
  • Formalin Test

2. Inflammatory Pain Models

  • Carrageenan Induced Inflammatory Pain Assay
  • Complete Freund’s Adjuvant Induced Inflammatory Pain Assay
  • Monosodium Iodoacetate (MIA) Induced Joint Pain Assay

3. Neuropathic Pain Models

  • Chronic Constriction Injury (CCI) Model
  • Streptozotocin (STZ) Induced Diabetic Neuropathic Pain Model
  • Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathic Pain (CINP) Model