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At Sai, developing a business collaboration with our clients that benefits both parties is only the beginning.

We have learned through experience, it is when we build a mutually beneficial partnership with a customer, that we can truly add the most value to important pharmaceutical programs.

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MedChem Analysis

Led by scientists with vast experience in modern analytical and purification techniques, using state-of-the-art instrumentation, to provide customized solutions for your analytical requirements.

MedChem Analysis

Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry

Sai employs a highly experienced team of over 225 synthetic and medicinal chemists, located in Hyderabad and Pune, to support the varied synthetic and drug discovery needs of our clients.

Computational Chemistry Services

Our Computational Chemistry department is integrated with Medicinal Chemistry programs, to support “Lead Identification and Optimization Studies”.

Biology Services

Working stand-alone or integrated with the Medicinal Chemistry, DMPK and Toxicology departments to accelerate hit-to-lead, lead optimization and clinical candidate selection.

Toxicology Services

Our Toxicology studies are customized to meet sponsors prerequisites by referring guidelines set out by relevant regulatory authorities.

DMPK Services

Supported by BioRails DM (The Edge) to address multiple workflow driven DMPK research activities, Sai provides a plethora of DMPK studies to aid investigations beginning from lead optimization to drug candidate selection and executed by our experienced ADME and bioanalytical scientists.

Turbo Tech Transfer (T3)

T3 is a new value added service Sai introduced to quickly provide sufficient amounts of NCE for pre-clinical and TOX purposes, to take out redundant time in the discovery process.

R&D Facilities

Complementing the manufacturing plants at Hyderabad, Sai has a dedicated R&D facility based in Pune. Both cities offer a growing pool of talented scientists with high-quality training and expertise.