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Why Sai for Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry Services?

  • 17 year track record providing high quality and value added chemistry services to > 80 clients from start-ups to big pharma
  • Delivery, flexibility and transparency make Sai a preferred partner for many clients (15 programs advanced to IND filing and beyond)
  • Synthetic experience across a broad range of chemotypes including complex natural products
  • Clear communication via trained project managers equipped with customized reporting tools
  • Robust intellectual property protection via strict compliance policies & systems
  • Availability of eRooms and electronic laboratory notebooks
  • Problem solving ability results in delivery of > 95% of all molecules requested
  • Ready access to scientific literature via SciFinder and an extensive collection of journal subscriptions
  • Streamlined coordination with Computational Chemistry, DMPK-Tox and Biology (all teams under one roof)

Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry Services offered by Sai include:

  • Design and synthesis of analogues to support lead generation and optimization
  • Design and synthesis of focused libraries
  • Preparation of building blocks/key intermediates
  • Synthesis of reference compounds, metabolites and impurity markers

Supported by a secure IT infrastructure and online access to scientific literature the teams rapidly convert ideas into successful experiments and solutions. Our team’s success rate in delivering target molecules, aka Hit rate, is ~95.6% in 2015.

Representative types of chemistries handled thus far with success: 

  • Heterocycles
  • Nucleosides & Nucleotides
  • Carbohydrates
  • Peptides
  • Lipids & PEG-chemistry
  • Isotope labeled (13C & 2D) synthesis
  • Drug conjugates for ADCs
  • Steroids
  • Biotinylated/Bodipy/Fluorescein labeled compounds

Sai’s Chemistry Services Team

At Sai, we ensure that each of the teams supporting the client’s medicinal chemistry is led by a Project Team Leader with either extensive discovery experience in a US/EU biopharma company or with a track record of success in delivering compounds within a CRO context.

Sai’s Library Design and Synthesis Team

Sai has a dedicated library synthesis team to deliver targeted arrays of drug-like compounds. This expert team is versed in deploying various state-of the-art instruments and techniques and routinely delivers chemical libraries ranging in size from 50 to 200 compounds with varying degrees of synthetic and structural complexity. Our Medicinal chemistry teams closely work with Computational chemistry team during the library design and enumeration process.


Sai’s Medicinal Chemistry Analytical Capabilities

Sai Life Sciences offers a state of the art Analytical R&D to fulfill all your analytical and purification requirements. Our highly talented workforce is led by group leaders with vast experience in Contract research / Discovery sciences industries.

Our strengths include method development for the isolation and structure elucidation of chiral and achiral compounds and also their complete characterization; equipped with a range of column chemistries such as C18 – HILIC – DIOL supported by sophisticated equipment such as SFC, mass directed prep HPLC machine and two 400MHz NMR instruments.

Regular calibration & authorized service facilitates significant reducing down-time of the equipment. We have also implemented protocols designed for early detection of purity and integrity issues of compounds.


Detectors – UV – Visible Detector / Photo Diode Array Detector (PDA) / Refractive Index (RI) / ELSD With C8/C18, Cyano, Phenyl, Chiral and other HPLC Columns.

  • Method Development
  • Stability studies
  • Impurity profiling
  • Chiral Separations

Mass Spectroscopy:

Range of Mass detectors, right from single quad, triple quad, Q-trap LCMS, GCMS, Ion-Trap, etc.

  • Reaction monitoring
  • Library sample screening and analysis
  • Purity analysis
  • MS/MS analysis
  • Impurity profiling


1H, 13C, 13C – dept, 31P, 11B, 19F NMR – 400 MHz experiments like COSY, NOSY, NOESY, Hetero COSY, HMQC, HMBC and Variable temperature experiments

  • X-Nuclei analysis
  • Determining purity of sample – Q-NMR
  • Structure elucidation
  • Reaction monitoring


Purification of crude sample by Reverse phase mode by Semi Prep. HPLC

  • Polar mode purification – Semi-Prep.
  • HILIC mode purification
  • Normal phase Purification – Diol, Silica, Cyano
  • PEG / Folic acid Analogue purification
  • Small peptide purification
  • Library mode purification by Mass mediated Prep. HPLC
  • Chiral mode purification – milligram to multigram scale
  • Isolation and characterization


Analytical SFC analysis, reaction monitoring, Method development

  • Chiral analysis by SFC-Analytical
  • Achiral method development and analysis
  • Chiral purification – milligram to multi gram scale
  • Achiral Purification – milligram to multi gram scale
  • Isolation and characterization

Aside from synthetic chemistry services, Sai can offer a fully integrated drug discovery service. Medicinal chemists work closely with the Computational Chemistry, Biology, DMPK, Process Development and Formulation departments thereby exemplifying the skills together to develop a lead candidate.

Sai emphasizes training, coaching and mentorship which results in an excellent retention rate for our scientists.