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Delivering scientific expertise for a healthier future

At Sai Life Sciences, we deliver scientific expertise with a greater purpose – to impact tomorrow’s healthcare by creating medicines for today’s incurable maladies. We work with innovator pharma and biotech companies to accelerate the discovery, development and manufacture of complex small molecules for a healthier tomorrow. Our Vision is to support our global innovator partners bring 25 new medicines to life by 2025. And we are well on that journey.

Delivering scientific expertise for a healthier future

We believe that a scientific pursuit can reveal great new things about our world. Science can help us cure diseases, improve lives and ease suffering. The potential of science is only limited by the extent of human aspiration. Our purpose is to relentlessly explore science to help create medicines for today’s incurable maladies and shape a healthier tomorrow. Let’s make a healthier future possible.

Track record of making it better

Over the past two decades, we have consistently delivered on a diverse set of NCE development programs for our customers. We have a track record for delivering tremendous value based on our quality, price and responsiveness.

Track record of financial growth & stability

Sai Life Sciences is one of India’s fastest growing CDMOs. Backed by committed investors, we are currently fortifying our hard and soft infrastructure through strategic investments in expanding our R&D and manufacturing capabilities, automation, data systems, quality systems and training.