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Who said All Work, No Play? Dear Saimer At the outset, my thanks to all those who said Yes to fitness and sports and took part in the most awaited get together of the year, SaiJosh! The test of skill, agility and mental ability in group games and individual events proved to be a silver lining in the pandemic cloud, especially for those working for over a year in confined spaces or from home with limited team connect. Though an annual feature in the Sai calendar, SaiJosh was deferred in 2020. In many ways, skipping a year spurred the fervency and zeal. The gala sports-centric event elevated spirits, enhanced bonding between cross functional teams and nurtured camaraderie on and off the field. The flipbook you are browsing reverberates the energy and engagement on ground, relives moments of joy and reveals participants’ pride in winning or learnings from loss. Happy viewing, and best wishes for a bright and prosperous New Year! Sincerely Rajesh Vinodrai Naik 2

Our Inspiration… Your overwhelming participation! Total nominations 1417 Shameerpet Bollaram Corporate Bidar 722 131 77 487 1271 Total participants Shameerpet Bollaram Corporate Bidar 624 102 69 476 415 Number of matches organized Shameerpet Bollaram Corporate Bidar 167 30 9 209 Number of rounds 71 Hyderabad Bidar 32 39 3

Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. “

5 Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. “

Glimpses of a Gala Event! 6


Singles, winner - Vijaysurya G, Production Singles, runner-up - Sivaprasad V, HSE Doubles, runner-up - Srinivasa Rao Kaila, Production Doubles, runner-up - Ramachandra Reddy Madireddi, Process Engineering Doubles, winner - Vijaysurya G, Production & Sivaprasad V, HSE Badminton Men Those who served… and deserved to win! 8

Singles, winner - Deepa Singh Baghel, Production Singles, runner-up - Jayida Sayyed, HR Doubles, runner-up - Deepa Singh Baghel, Production Doubles, runner-up - Jayida Sayyed, HR Doubles, winner - Shivani Biskunda, Technology Absorption & Shalini Suresh Gour, Production Badminton Women 9

Winner - Kirankumar, Administration Runner-up - Samarendra Meher, Production Runner-up - Muthu Krishnan V, Production Winner - Srinivas Poloju, Production Chess Carroms The Winning Option Pocket or Check Mate! 10

Runner-up - Production Team Team members - Ashok kumar Kanaparthy, D Venkata Rami Reddy, Deepak, Chakravarthi Thirugnanam, Akash Anandrao Thote, Samarendra Meher, Harikrishnan Ramanujam, Akash Abasaheb Waykar, Prashant Hanumant Ghodke, Sujin D S, Shubham B, Deepak Ankush Adhikari, Anil. Winner - Engineering Team Team members - Manish Mohan, Pramod Kumar Vishwakarma, Saif Ulla Khan Mohammad, Venkata Ramanjaneyulu Bollu, Jagan Mohan Rao Mata, Chand, Shabaz, Sangmesh, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Nidasanametla, Pavithran P, Venkatesh Chekuri, Anil Kumar Jadav, Mayur Gupta. Runner-up - HR, Technology Absorption, Production, Administration Team members - Jayida Sayyed, Sai Deepthi Kotha, Shivani Vijay Mahant, Priyanka Satva Chandanshive, Pratiksha Shivaji Bhanuse, Devika Prakash Londhe, Shalini Suresh Gour, Deepa Singh Baghel, Mithila. Winner - QC, QA, HSE, Technology Absorption , OE, Administration Team members - Varsha Shrivastav, Laxmibai Umakant Umate, Swetha Allena, Lakshmi Niveditha Tadimalla, Shivani Biskunda, Reshma Ramesh, Anita, Reshma, Komal Jadav. Cricket Men Women Feels as good as lifting the World Cup! 11

Singles, winner - Shubham B, Production Singles, runner-up - Sangamesh Shilvant, Administration Doubles, runner-up - Vinod V Nadiger, Technology Absorption Doubles, runner-up - Sharad Shankarrao Shinde, Technology Absorption Doubles, winner - Hitesh Desai, HR & Mohd. Zakiuddin Karigar, QA Table Tennis A smashing victory! 12

Runner-up - Projects Team Team members - Siva Selvendiran, Wajeed Ali Biradar, Srikanta Jana, Thamizhselvan, Pratap Mandal, Adil. Winner - Technology Absorption Team Team members - Vinod V Nadiger, Arun Madev Naik, Prashant Kadam, Gajanan G Chavare, Nilesh, Pradip Manikrao Jawanjal, Kaleem. An exciting volley from Love All to Match Point! Volleyball 13

14 Women from Bidar campus Jiving during a Flash Mob Dance!

“A big thank you and a big congratulation to the entire Team for having such a Grand Celebration. The name “Sai Josh - 2021” which you have chosen is inclusive of culture, sports and spirit. Energy and positive aspirations flow just hearing the name. The event was a great success, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Kudos to the HR Team, Committee Members and Management for handling all aspects in a wonderful manner.” Kiran Kumar - Admin “ “Sai Josh fostered fresh energy and strong bondage amongst teams. This has elevated the sense of togetherness. Also, Sai Josh inspired me to re-start my favourite game of Table Tennis which I left after my college days.” Hitesh Desai - HR “ “Sai Josh was a great initiative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After a long break from sports and gatherings due to Corona, we all had lost the Josh within somewhere. Participation in Sai josh events helped us to break those shackles and find the Josh within. Through events, I got to know people from various functions, and it definitely helped in improving the bonding with CFT members. All in all, It was a great display of Employee engagement across Sai. Employees will definitely feel a sense of belonging from such initiatives.” Manish Mohan - Engineering “ Sharing valuable feedback and encouraging comments from participants and organisers! “What a ‘WOW’ event Sai Josh was, I really felt connected and could express my sportive exuberance. Feel happy to have won a cup in Table Tennis singles tournament. Kudos to the teams, organisers. Special Mention – Miss Jayida, Mr Mani Bhasker, Mr Kiran, Mr Satish (Organizing Team).” Lt.Cdr. Sangamesh - Admin “ “It was great feeling being part of Sai Josh. Intention was to take out sometime and engage with other Saimers as part of this wonderful platform. Above all, winning TT doubles was a pleasant surprise, though played after long gap.” Zakiuddin Karigar - QA “ 15

If you can dream it, you can do it. “

A picture for posterity! The Organizing Team at Hyderabad 17

Game on! Multiple events in progress 18



Doubles, winner - Rakesh Kanna Kadambari S S, Process Engineering Doubles, winner - Ramanjaneyulu Somisetty, P R&D Doubles, runner-up - Venkatrao Duggi, A R&D Doubles, runner-up - Kondaji Gajulapati, P R&D Badminton Men “There are many sporting experiences for me but this time, in the gloomy pandemic, it’s an ecstatic memory. It’s given an unprecedented bliss and self-confidence. Ever grateful to Sai for this stupendous opportunity.” Rakesh Kanna Kadambari S S and Ramanjaneyulu Somisetty “ 21 Takes two to tango! Doubles Winners

Doubles, winner - Rahila Amin Khan Deshmukh, Project Management Doubles, winner - Aishwarya Dunaboyina, Project Management Doubles, runner-up - Asha Rajawat, A R&D and Anusha Dalai, Medicinal Chemistry Badminton Women “The entire event was well organized by the team with small performances that were included as part of the prize distribution ceremony. The event gave a platform for the performers to showcase their talent. The performance by the Bidar team was one of its own kind. It was a prestigious event for me as I received winner ’s trophy for Badminton and Table tennis. Overall, had a wonderful experience at the the SAI Josh 2021 event.” Rahila Amin Khan Deshmukh “ 22

Winner - Dr. Rajesh Hyra, Factory Medical Officer Runner-up - Keshav Naik, Medicinal Chemistry Runner-up - Raghavendra Babu.C, P R&D Winner - Mohd Burahanoddin, Engineering Carroms 23 To become King They shot the Queen

Runner-up - Ramesh, Production Winner - B Ashwini Kumar, Medicinal Chemistry Chess “This tournament was well organized and encouraged the sport enthusiasts. Felt very happy being a part of this event.” B Ashwini Kumar “ 24 Making the Right Moves Our own Grand Masters

Winner - Process Engineering and Production Teams Team members - Kanreddy Sukesh Kumar Reddy, Aaquib Hasan Syed, Prabhuram A, Raviteja Nukala, Hithessh Augustus, Pavan Kumar Alugolu, Lalit Tryambak Patil & Suresh Naik Korra, Seetharamaiah Phanithapu, Satish Kumar Bomma, Kanreddy Sukesh Kumar Reddy, Vasram Banoth, Janardhana Rao Appurubothu & Brahmachary Guddoji Runner-up - HSE, Engineering, Factory Medical Officer, OHC, and Administration Team members - Sanjay, Tanmay Mone, Srikanth, Chandu, Rama Prasanna Thathapudi, Ankam Saketh, Subhash Imagoudanavar, Dr.Rajesh Hyra, Chaitanya Varma Kalidindi, Santhosh Reddy M Cricket Men Feels like Heaven - The Dream Eleven 25

Doubles, winner for men - Dr. K Damodara Naidu , P R&D & Praveen kumar B, Project Management Doubles, runner-up for men - Pankaj Kumar B and Vinoth Kumar PG, Corporate Quality Assurance Singles, winner for women - Rahila Amin Khan Deshmukh, Project Management Singles, runner-up for women - Vijaya Bharathi J, Finance & Accounts Table Tennis Men & Women Campus spin doctors Table Tennis Winners “I would like to thank the HR team, SPOCs. It is the biggest annual sports event in Sai. Huge participation from SAIMERs in all the games, not easy to manage. But HR Saimers made it happen. We are always busy in our professional work and such events will be helpful to get some relaxation and interaction with Saimers.” Dr. K Damodara Naidu & Praveen Kumar Bandaru “ 26

Runner-up - A R&D, Quality Assurance and Administration Team members - Chandu, Srikanth, Sai Babu Battu, T. Suryanarayana, Chandramowli Bhetanabotla & Venkatrao Duggi. Winner - Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Production, P R&D, and Engineering Team members - Chennakesavi Settipalli, Naresh Sunduru, Babaji Shaik & V V S Raju Mudunuri, Ravi Anthamma Gari & Essak Naidu. Net, net, they served aces Says the smile on their faces Volleyball 27


“Sai Process Engineering team has participated in cricket and won the trophy of SAI JOSH 2021. The Victory is solely because of each individual’s contribution to the game. We believe when all potential hands are together nothing is impossible, and we will continue with the same spirit in work as well to deliver our projects on Time”. Cricket Winning Team “ “Enjoyed a lot as Carroms coordinator. I interacted with different departments and different units (Unit-3) of Saimers which I had never met earlier. Gathering Saimers at a single platform is a good thing which is possible with Sai-Josh only. I would like to request the management and HR team to continue to conduct this event every year in future”. Gangadhar Reddy Turpu – Carrom Coordinator “ 29

“We as Sai Josh coordinators thoroughly enjoyed organizing all the events – indoor or outdoor. We felt very ecstatic to see happy faces while playing and enjoying the event to the fullest. Happy to be a part of the HR team and coordinating all the events.” Saiprasad Natarajan & Sankara Seetaramarao Rachiraju – HR & Sai Josh Coordinators “ 30

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