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DMPK: In vitro ADME

Delivering high-quality In Vitro ADME services

Expediting compound profiling from hit to candidate

Since 2008, Sai Life Sciences has been a trusted partner for delivering high-quality In Vitro ADME services to a broad range of innovator clients.

Our Services

  • Physicochemical properties / Stability studies
  • Permeability / Absorption
  • Pgp substrate study (Caco2 / MDCK-MDR)
  • Metabolism (liver microsomes, hepatocytes, S9, etc.)
  • Metabolic stability / intrinsic clearance / Glucuronide conjugation
  • Drug-Drug interaction (DDI)
  • Time dependent inhibition (TDI)
  • CYP induction
  • CYP phenotyping
  • Plasma and tissue protein binding
  • Blood-to-plasma ratio (RBC partitioning)
  • Metabolite identification / biotransformation /reactive metabolite

How does it work?

We develop, validate and employ a variety of biochemical, enzymatic and cellular screening assays in absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, to meet the drug discovery needs of our innovator clients. With an emphasis on expediting new drug discovery research, we work with our clients to screen the new chemical entities in a tiered fashion from HIT to candidate selection.

We are known to bring professional approach, providing clear and concise reports accompanied by comprehensive raw data customized to our clients’ requirements. We would welcome an opportunity to support your program. Do let us know how we can help you!

DMPK: In vitro ADME Services at Sai Life Sciences
DMPK: In vitro ADME Services at Sai Life Sciences

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