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In vivo Pharmacology

In vivo Pharmacology

Scientific input supported by reliable data to support your decision-making process

Our expertise within in vivo pharmacology across broad therapeutic areas with diverse rodent efficacy models allows us to provide insightful scientific input to accelerate your drug discovery programs.

Why choose Sai?

  • AAALAC, OLAW and CPCSEA approved animal facility with in-house Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) for approval of animals study protocols.
  • State-of-the-art facility with dedicated rooms for quarantine, animal holding, experimentation, surgery and necropsy.
  • Capabilities & case studies available for Immuno-oncology/Oncology, Autoimmune/Inflammation, CNS, pain, metabolic diseases and more.
  • IVC Housing System for the studies with Immunocompromised animals (e.g., for Oncology)
  • Battery of instruments to measure pain, metabolic parameters and behavioural studies
  • Automated data Logger System to monitor environmental conditions and Light-Dark Cycle.

Leaders in In vivo drug discovery services

Sai Life Sciences is a leading CRO-providing in vivo drug discovery partner. We offers a wide variety of in vivo models to assess efficacy of test compounds in Immune-oncology/Oncology, Autoimmune/Inflammatory, CNS, pain, metabolic diseases and others. We work closely with our teams in Chemistry, in vitro Pharmacology, DMPK and Toxicology to deliver results and reports within challenging timelines.

We put the client first

We are focused on client satisfaction, safety, ethics and integrity. Our approach is to provide critically reviewed quality data for our clients. We work collaboratively to offer input and strategic guidance on client programs, on a needs basis. Our team is available for client interaction and follows up on project timelines.

Infrastructure offered by Sai

  • All Maze Video tracking system (Behavioural research)
  • Animalnecropsy & surgery rooms
  • Cage changing station
  • Digital Micrometres
  • Digital Vernier Calipers
  • Digital video recording system
  • Force Swim Test (FST) apparatus for mouse & rat
  • Formulation lab
  • Gas Anaesthesia System for rodents
  • Grip strength meter
  • Hot Plate Analgesia meter
  • Incapacitance meter
  • IVC: individually ventilated cage system
  • Plantar Test apparatus
  • Plethysmometer
  • Randall-Selitto
  • Rotarod for mouse & rat
  • Tail Flick apparatus
  • Temperature & humidity Data Loggers
  • Tissue homogenizers
  • Von Frey Anesthesiometer
  • Xenograft facility

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