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Europe: Dirk Sartor, PhD: +49 152 3361 4996
Asia Pacific: K. Karthik +91 (0)998 930 2255
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Sai Life Sciences is built on a foundation of trust, teamwork and high-quality leadership at all levels. The company strives to establish a congenial workplace that energizes the people who fuel the company’s growth. Engaged, committed and productive co-workers add value to our projects and teams.

We focus on hiring the best, retaining the best and continually improving the skills and capabilities of individuals and teams.

Sai Life Sciences firmly believes that we must have the right people in the right roles. We depend on their ability to work successfully within our culture, to satisfy our clients, to improve our knowledge and practices and to deliver sustained profitable growth.

At Sai Life Sciences, we aim to earn the loyalty and trust of our associates and thereby be recognised as an employer of choice.

Sai is committed to:

Talent management: Attract, hire and retain the best talent.

Open communication: Listen actively. Seek various views while managing conflict. Share information throughout the organisation openly and in an organised fashion.

Training and development: Offer the tools, training and mentoring necessary for our collective success.

An inclusive environment: Create an inclusive environment that treats everyone with respect and provides opportunity for everyone to achieve their best.

Expectations and feedback: Set and communicate clear expectations. Regularly evaluate performance and provide constructive feedback.

Challenging work assignments: Assign work that effectively uses an individual’s talents. Inspire people to take challenging assignments that provide technical and professional development.

A great place to work: Reward good performance. Recognize and celebrate success.

Strengthen client relationships: Exceed expectations through high quality work and innovative solutions.

Collaborate: Be a team player. Share ideas. Give and receive support whenever needed.

Solutions: Provide effective solutions at the right time.

Exhibit a sense of urgency: A proactive approach to running projects which delivers better results using a systematic approach, imagination, speed and adaptability.

Get better together: Continuously improve, develop and enhance skills and share knowledge with others.


Sai Life Sciences Limited offers an extensive range of career opportunities. We offer exhilarating and challenging careers where people can realize their full potential. We provide a work culture that offers learning and growth opportunities. We seek talented and motivated people who can work together and add value to our vision. Sai rewards outstanding performance, innovation and teamwork. Our priority is to make sure that all our employees develop rewarding careers with us.