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A promise to ‘make it better together’

Sai Life Sciences is built on the firm bedrock of partnership. We are dedicated to working with our global partners to accelerate a healthier future. We are committed to being flexible, responsive and innovative in addressing the evolving needs of our customers and the environment.

A promise to ‘make it better together
Striving for Sustainable growth

Striving for Sustainable growth

Sustainability is an integral part of our business and decision-making framework. We are committed to conduct business in a way that it creates positive impact on all our stakeholders and the environment at large. Read more

Quality system designed to meet global standards

Quality system designed to meet global standards

Our quality system is designed to meet the most stringent global regulatory standards. This enables us deliver products that consistently meet the expectations of the markets we serve, particularly US, EU and Japan. Read more

Safety and industrial hygiene

Highest standards of safety and industrial hygiene

We strive to ensure that our facilities are safe by design. We follow a hierarchy of Occupational Health and Safety controls from elimination through substitution, engineering and administrative controls, with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) only necessary as a last resort. Hazards are eliminated through a systematic and proactive mechanism of hazard identification and risk assessment. Read more

Commitment to protecting customer Intellectual Property (IP)

Commitment to protecting customer Intellectual Property (IP)

The guiding principle for Sai Life Sciences’ approach to Intellectual Property (IP) protection is that all IP generated during a project belongs to the customer. As a pure-play services company, we do not run any of our own internal programs, and as such fundamentally have no conflict with our customers. All levels of the organization, from the CEO to a shop floor associate, are committed to protecting the Intellectual Property and confidentiality of customer data/ information. This commitment is backed with the necessary technology controls and HR measures to ensure maximum protection. Get in touch to know more about our systems and processes for protecting customer IP.

Best in class environment standards and practices

Best in class environment standards and practices

We are committed to protecting the environment and actively seek to identify means of minimizing water use, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions & waste generation. Our best in class environment standards and practices helps in reducing any negative impact on environment and society. Read more

A continued focus on operational excellence

Continued focus on operational excellence

At Sai, we are focusing on augmenting various aspects of our soft infrastructure with investments in automation, data systems, training, organizational processes and shop-floor transformation. Read more


Improving the communities around us

Being socially responsible is essential to the long-term sustainability of our business. We are committed to improve the lives of the communities in which we operate and do so by supporting social initiatives in the areas of Education, Livelihood Development and Health, either in partnership with not-for-profit organizations or independently as company initiatives. Read more