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Process safety evaluation

Rigorous, data-driven Process Safety evaluation

Rigorous, data-driven Process Safety evaluation

Through our fully-equipped Process Safety Labs, we conduct rigorous, data- driven & comprehensive process and operations safety evaluation from “quote to delivery” giving our clients peace of mind throughout the collaboration.

Why Sai?

  • Fully-equipped Safety Evaluation Lab
  • Team with > 70 years of collective experience
  • Evaluation of thermal hazard, reaction hazard, operation hazard and dust explosion
  • Every stage is thoroughly evaluated for HSE, before scale-up
  • Detailed risk-based assessment report preparation, with recommendations for safe operations

How does it work?

Sai Life has a strong emphasis on ensuring development safe and eco-friendly processes as well as operations. Each new enquiry undergoes paper safety evaluation and results in the recommendations to be implemented when the project is awarded.
Once the project is awarded the process safety evaluation precedes the development work and scale ups. We have developed a systematic and scientific approach to identify, evaluate and control hazards involved in each process, including the that of properties of the raw materials, reaction mixtures as well as the intermediates and final product.
The safety team experts conduct experiments and generate data pertaining to the thermal stability, quantity and rate of heat liberation, gaseous evolution and pressure generation rate, ignitability / flammability as well as dust explosion. All the data generated is computed comprehensively and holistically in a report comprising of the data and recommended Basis of Safe (BOS) operating ranges, for the development, scale up and manufacturing.

Ensuring risk-free processes and operations involves close collaboration between chemists, engineers, HSE and experts from the process safety area in order to prevent incidents and reduce operational risk. The aim of our Process Safety laboratory is to develop and impart knowledge of safer and cleaner processes.

Thermal (screening) safety assessment

Infrastructure & equipment

  • Thermal (screening) safety assessment (thermal hazards):
    Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)
    Thermal screening unit (TSu)
  • Reaction Calorimetry (reactive hazards):
    Simular Reaction Calorimeter (SRC) with automated gas release measurement system.
    Adiabatic Reaction Calorimeter (ARC)
  • Powder safety Assessment (dust explosion):
    Modified hartmann tube (MHT)
    Impact sensitivity apparatus
    Shock sensitivity apparatus
    Surface resistivity meter

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