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Discovery Biology Laboratory, Boston, USA

Sai Life Sciences' discovery biology facility provides exploratory biology services to the expanding array of start-up and biotech companies in the Boston area and to companies in North America. It enables opportunities for companies to have face-to-face collaborations with Sai scientists, and to accelerate the pace of their externalized research by reducing cycle times.

Discovery Biology Laboratory in Boston, MA, USA
Discovery Biology Laboratory in Boston, MA, USA

We are committed to helping our clients successfully advance their internal discovery portfolios and are investing considerable resources to provide world-class service in the Boston area.


  • Fit-for-purpose exploratory biology
  • Novel assay development
  • Cell assays & high content screening
  • Genetic and pharmacological target validation studies
  • Cellular target engagement assays
  • In vitro biomarker assessments
  • Target/Biomarker ID & validation
  • Mechanism of action (MOA) studies
  • Misc. reagent validation
Exploratory Biology Services
Exploratory Biology Services
Comprehensive biology services leveraging a global strategy to accelerate discovery
Exploratory Biology Services

Instrument & capabilities

  • Opera Phenix high content screening platform
  • FACSCelesta flow cytometer
  • FACSMelody flow sorter
  • Biacore 8K+ (SPR)
  • Thermal cyclers (PCR/qPCR)
  • Echo650 based compound dispensing
  • Envision (AlphaScreen and LanthaScreens)
  • Biomek i5 automated liquid handling
  • PeggySue automated westerns
  • Meso Sector S 600 reader
In Vitro Biology (Boston)
Dr Katherine Yen, Founder & CEO of Auron Therapeutics
Al Schroeder, Co-Founder & Director of R&D of Eikonizo Therapeutics

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