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Amidites, Linkers/Spacers, and Lipids Capabilities

Amidites, Linkers/Spacers, and Lipids Capabilities


Sai Life Sciences offers end-to-end services across R&D to manufacturing of Amidites. With higher numbers of oligonucleotide therapeutics set to hit the market in the coming days, the R&D and manufacturing of amidites will be a crucial aspect for pharma & biotech companies and we at Sai Life Sciences are ready to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Our Capabilities include:

  • 35-member dedicated team
  • End-to-end capabilities: R&D – Tech Transfer – Pilot Scale – Commercial Production
  • Dedicated Phosphoramidites manufacturing facility


Sai Life Sciences has experience in synthesizing a single category of lipids called Saccharolipids/lipopolysaccharides. Lipids are a broad group of organic compounds which include fats, fat-soluble vitamins, mono, di-glycerides, and phospholipids. Functions of lipids include storing energy, signaling, and acting as a structural component of cell membranes.

Our Experience

  • Developed low temperature crystallization for low melting lipid intermediates and implemented on multi-100 kg scale
  • Implemented liquid-liquid extraction to purge the impurities and enhanced purity of lipid intermediates
  • Established analytical method for in-process and intermediates of lipid intermediates using latest CAD technology across the synthesis


At Sai Life Sciences, we can prepare the protected Spacer and Linker individually and then prepare the 3′-triantennary or 5′-triantennary. Linkers/Spacers is used for Oligonucleotide conjugates. By conjugating it directly to the Oligonucleotides or decorating it to a certain delivery system as a targeting moiety, Linkers/Spacers can succeed in the development of nucleic acid therapeutics. Route of Synthesis.

Areas of expertise in multi-kg scale

  • Aza-Micheal reaction
  • EDCI mediated peptide bond formation with impurity knowledge
  • Tri-antennary intermediate synthesis
  • Tri-amide bond formation
  • Hydrogenolysis of benzyl group
  • Hands on experience in Boc-protection followed by ester reduction on proline intermediate.
  • DMTr protection for various sugar moieties

Areas of expertise in multi-100 g scale

  • Succinate opening with six-membered derivative on analogous intermediate
  • Glycosylation with exclusive β-selectivity
  • Hydrogenolysis of benzyl group