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Delivering greener and selective processes using Biocatalysis

Biocatalysis allows for successful and sustainable synthesis of molecules from grams to tonnes scale for industrial, pharmaceutical and biotechnological needs. The Biocatalysis team at Sai Life Sciences optimises processes from screening to scale-up with ready access to a large enzyme library and a fully equipped lab.

Biocatalysis: Capabilities and niche offerings


  • Proven success in technical problem solving for leading global pharma innovators
  • Developed process with Novozyme-435 to achieve desired chiral purity on 250gm scale (unachievable by thiourea-based chemocatalyst)
  • Conducted asymmetric reduction of ketone with the keto reductase enzyme
  • Recovery, recycle and reuse of Lipase–TL
  • Trans-glycosylation on Nucleosides
  • Regio-selective acylation of sugar diol
  • Desymmetrisation of di-ester with Novozyme-435
  • Experienced in handling processes from milligrams to large scale
  • Team includes PhDs with 5-10 yrs of experience and  consultant with >30 yrs of experience

Feedback from a leading European big pharma customer

I was very impressed by how rapidly the team was able to push through the initial steps to get to the key desymmetrisation reaction. I was also happy with how rapidly the chiral screening was executed. The idea to move to the diester demonstrated good, practical problem-solving skills. The team was able to deliver the work faster than I anticipated, demonstrating agility and an ability to move rapidly.

Capabilities and niche offerings

  • Greener approach with capabilities encompassing screening, lab development, pilot and manufacturing
  • Biotransformation screening in conjunction with parallel experimentation capability
  • Sai has the in-house capabilities, experience and capacity to optimise existing process
  • FTE collaboration for catalyst and enzyme screening
  • Developing enzyme-specific immobilisation technology
  • Core processes using enzymes – screening, immobilisation, assay calculation, recovery and recycling
  • Strong collaborative network with leading enzyme developers and manufacturers ensuring consistent delivery of excellence with overall process efficiency


  • Rotating bed reactors
  • Horizontal shaker
  • pH-controlled peristaltic pump
  • Double-jacketed reactors
  • Column oven and vortex mixer