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Ensuring employee safety at the workplace

At Sai Life Sciences, we consider Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) to be a fundamental component of our long-term business strategy and a driver for sustainable growth. We strive to ensure that our facilities are safe by design through a hierarchy of occupational health and safety controls from elimination through substitution, engineering and administrative controls. Hazards are eliminated through a systematic and proactive mechanism of hazard identification and risk assessment.

Industrial Hygiene
Industrial Hygiene


  • Containment systems across R&D and manufacturing facilities validated down to 1 μg/m3 and
    HPAPI facilities designed down to 0.1 μg/m3
  • Dedicated industrial hygienist responsible for managing and driving the occupational hygiene programme across the organisation
  • SOP in place for the implementation of the industrial hygiene programme, control banding and containment
  • Guideline in place for the selection of containment equipment for handling hazardous agents
  • Qualitative and quantitative exposure risk assessments conducted
  • Key HSE team members certified for measurement of hazardous substances (W501) by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS)

Capabilities and infrastructure

  • Laboratories, pilot and manufacturing plants equipped with containment infrastructure with performance achievement of 1 μg/m3
    – HPAPI development and manufacturing suites designed for 1 μg/m3
  • Containment infrastructure includes Isolators, Glove boxes, Drum Containment Systems (DCS), Powder Transfer Systems (PTS), Continuous liner ports, Closed sampling devices
  • Drum dispensing booths for charging of solvents
  • Robust in-house capability for the sampling of powders and solvents
  • Robust in-house industrial hygiene laboratory for personal monitoring – Sampling pumps, Heat Stress Meter and Noise Dosimeter and VOC meter