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Delivering pharmaceutical elegance and physiochemical stability with lyophilisation

Complex small molecule APIs present unique formulation and stability challenges. Lyophilisation or freeze drying, a 3-stage interconnected process involving freezing, sublimation and desorption, helps deliver these agents in a form that can be easily reconstituted and administered to the patient.
Sai Life Sciences has extensive experience in the development and optimisation of the lyophilisation process and ensures smooth scale-up of the product with the help of best- in-class equipment operated by highly trained personnel.

Delivering pharmaceutical elegance and physiochemical stability with lyophilisation
Best-in-class infrastructure


  • Successfully deployed lyophilisation in several critical projects
  • Lyophilisation cycle development to help freeze dry heat-sensitive drugs to improve stability and enhance shelf life
  • Developed customised freeze-drying programmes (or recipes) to match desired product specifications
  • Digitally controlled system that ensures alignment with the defined lyophilisation process
  • Prioritised safety by minimising exposure to the lyophilised substance with closed trays (covered by expanded PTFE on polypropylene)
  • Optimised process parameters effectively in pilot studies enabling smooth scale-up

Best-in-class infrastructure

  • Pilot scale
    – 30L capacity, MOC: SS316L
    – Condenser temperature: -85°C
    – Shelf temperature: -65 to +65°C
    – Maximum vacuum: 10 millitorr
  • Scale-up lyophilisers
    – 18L and 300L capacity
    – Located in class 100,000 clean rooms
    – Maximum loading volume of 2L per tray for both units
    – Freeze drying range -50° to 70°C