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Rapid delivery of diverse peptides from mg to multigram scale

Peptides continue to gain therapeutic importance, and are recognized for being selective, efficacious and well tolerated. Peptides have been used as drugs since the early 1920s when insulin was introduced for treatment of diabetes. Over the years, multiple peptides have been developed as drugs for treatment of different diseases. Sai Life Sciences has extensive experience across peptide synthesis, purification and characterization and leverages this experience to accelerate its clients’ peptide drug discovery programmes.

Peptide Synthesis

Peptide Synthesis at Sai Life Sciences

Sai Life Sciences offers a range of services in the rapid delivery of peptides from mg to multigram scale. The peptides are produced using solution and solid phase synthesis with scale appropriate use of automated or manual methods.


  • Fully automated parallel synthesizer (Syro-I, AA rack – 40×50mL) capable of synthesizing up to 48 peptides in parallel
  • Support for gram scale synthesis: manual peptide synthesizers (100mL to 2L reaction vessels)


  • Linear peptides and cyclic peptides
  • N-terminal modifications, e.g.
    • Biotinylation, Acylation, FITC labelling, Acetylation
  • C-terminal modifications
    • Amides and Alcohols
  • Cyclic peptides including multiple disulfide bridges
  • Peptide libraries synthesis
  • Incorporation of unnatural building blocks such as methylated amino acids, D-amino acids into peptide sequence

Purification & Characterization

Sai’s strong synthetic capabilities are supported by a state-of-the-art purification and analytical characterization platform

  • Purification utilizing 20 prep HPLC (Gilson, Shimadzu) and 4 MS directed prep-HPLC systems (Waters)
  • Key analytical equipment available includes
    • Varian (500 MHz, 400 MHz) and
    • Bruker (400 MHz)
    • Agilent (Ion trap, ELSD), Shimadzu (PDA), Waters (UPLC) LC-MS
  • Instruments and multiple Waters HPLC instruments for analysis
  • Lyophilizers (Vertis, Labconco)
  • CD spectrometer and MALDI-TOF
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometers