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Sai Life Sciences Sustainability Report 2021

We continue taking critical measures that promote sustain able consumption and production, technological progress, and a values-driven approach. As we steadily address sus tainability goals, we seek to become the chosen one by our key stakeholders. It is a steep learning curve, yet we choose this path as we are committed to playing our part in building a sustainable world. With this mindset, every change we are catalyzing at Sai-be it in our culture, or systems, or practices, all add up to make us agile and responsive to the needs of the patient by being customer centric while aiming for net positive impact.

Sustainability Report 2021

Sai Life Sciences is pursuing a sustainable growth model drawing upon multi-disciplinary talent in science and technology and a human-centered ethos—focused on customer delight, empowered people, and a team-based work environment. Our sustainability journey is strongly rooted in our core values of Integrity, Transparency, Ownership, Reliability, Respect, Collaboration, which serve as cultural cornerstones, giving us the strength to thrive. - K Rangaraju, Chairman

What sustainability means to Sai?



  • Sustainability is an engine for our growth as we actively integrate sustainability principles. We build on the 4 inter-related elements of our sustainability framework and generate compelling value for our stakeholders.
2021 Sustainability Report of Sai Life Sciences highlights the momentum gained in its Sustainability choices

We anchor ourselves in two practices to propel us to go the extra mile:


Partnering effectively with customers, suppliers, and employees

  • Emphasize developing strong partnerships from within with everyone in a team, committed to having the right culture to experience mutual gain and serve the patient

Championing the cause – for the planet and our society

  • Take care of the environment and our communities to make a positive difference


Read the full Sustainability report 2021

Material Focus Areas

Material Focus Areas

Sustaining as a partner of choice

Sai’s business model has evolved over the years and we are now a full-service CRO-CDMO offering end-to-end services across the drug substance discovery and development continuum. Our customer base has diversified across the spectrum starting from academia, start-ups, biotechs, emerging pharma, and large pharma companies spread across the US, UK, EU, and Japan. In keeping pace with the changing times, Sai has transformed itself into a global organization with operations and offices spread across these regions

Embracing sustainability principles in line with our customers’ sustainability goals

  • Pursuing a higher percentage of renewable energy in the total energy mix
  • Scaling up with a mindset of responsible manufacturing with an emphasis on adopting green chemistry
  • Operational excellence for meeting customer needs by maximizing the efficiency of the process
Track record of making it better
HSE Champion

Growing as an HSE Champion of Choice

Health, Safety, and Environment at the workplace are a critical part of Sai’s operations. Working safely is an important component that contributes to our success and we work towards eliminating the incidence of work-related injuries, while also producing products in compliance with the local laws and regulations and minimizing environmental impact. Our policies strive to achieve a high level of occupational safety, health, and environmental performance through a proactive approach, thereby enhancing the well-being of employees and society at large

Prioritizing the planet and safe operations

  • Reduce specific water consumption by 10%
  • Reduce specific greenhouse gas emissions by 10% and replace 10% of our overall energy requirement with renewable sources.
  • Reduce specific hazardous waste generation by 10% and recycle 70% of hazardous waste through co-processing and alternate reuse

Becoming a neighbour of choice

Being a “Neighbour of Choice” for us means ensuring that the people in our local communities benefit from the social development that we undertake. Strong relationships with our communities in the key areas that we are active in are indispensable for our business operations and our success. We partner with organizations that will help us achieve our goals to improve health and education and increase livelihood to support community resilience.

  • Provide free medical screening to 10,000 people through our healthcare programs.
  • Promoting community eye health care through the LVPEI centers
  • Engaging women from the communities through the Sai Livelihood Development Program
  • Looking forward with the Sai Champions ‘Bridge the Gap’ program and Mental HealthCare Camps
Neighbour of Choice
Employer of Choice

Being an employer of choice

In a fast-paced and changing environment, especially as we deal with the challenges of COVID-19 we strive to incorporate the human element into our culture. Over the last year, we have updated our benefits and policies, career development frameworks, reward and recognition programs and training programs to work towards meeting our sustainability goals.

  • Create more opportunities for women and improve the percentage of women employees in the workforce to 12% by 202
  • Ensure employee policies and benefits are updated in line with industry standards to retain and attract the best talent
  • Continue to invest in and promote an environment of continuous learning and development to improve and motivate our workforce