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US: Eric Neuffer: +1 908 850 3460
Europe: Dirk Sartor, PhD: +49 152 3361 4996
Asia Pacific: K. Karthik +91 (0)998 930 2255
Global: Marcel Velterop: +41 (0)797 733 453


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Sai operates 4 key research and manufacturing sites, with additional cGMP manufacturing being developed in Bidar.


Unit II – ICICI Knowledge Park, Hyderabad

  • Process Development, Process optimization for APIs, NCEs and intermediates
  • Analytical method development, impurity profiling and structure elucidation
  • Route scouting and Synthesis/Characterization of reference standards, impurities
  • Salt selection studies and polymorph screening
  • CEM Microwave reactor
  • HPLCs
  • GC Head space
  • LC MS
  • Non-GMP Kilo lab for scale-up

Unit III – IDA Bollaram, Hyderabad

  • GMP and non GMP Manufacturing Scale up
  • ICH Stability Studies
  • 6 flexible GMP Kilo Lab Suites
  • Reactors ranging from 250L to 2500L
  • Cryogenic Rectors
  • Hastelloy Reactors
  • Hydrogenators to handle pressures as high as 50kg/cm2 and large scale reactions (250L to 1000L)
  • Temperature range: -80°C to 250°C
  • Solvent Recovery systems

Unit IV – Bidar, Karnataka

  • GMP Manufacturing to support preclinical and clinical trials
  • Process Improvement activities
  • Kilo lab for scale-up
  • 2 Manufacturing Blocks
  • Reactors ranging from 250L to 2500L
  • Hydrogenators to handle pressures up to 50kg/cm2
  • Temperature range: -80°C to 250°C
  • Clean rooms to class 100,000 standards
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • DM Water Plant

Block 7 (Unit IV) – Bidar, Karnataka

  • Expanded cGMP capacity with a modern QC lab
  • 28 reactors and a total capacity of 93KL 

General Synthesis

  • 18 reactors ranging from 2000L to 8000L (total reactor volume of 72KL)

Special Reactions

  • 5 reactors ranging from 2000L to 3000L (total reactor volume of 13KL)

HPAI (OEL-4) up to 1 μ gm/m³

  • 5 reactors ranging from 250L to 3000L (total reactor volume of 7500L)
  • Dedicated powered processing area

Unit V – International Biotech Park, Pune

  • Medicinal Chemistry/Scale-up Labs
  • Library Design & Synthesis
  • DMPK and Toxicology
  • Formulation Development

Building our Future

Following completion of the new Process Engineering block at our unit 2 site in Hyderabad, Sai continues to forge ahead with further expansion plans for new PR&D facilities and increased production capacity…

  • New PR&D and kilo-lab facility to become operational in Manchester, UK (Q2 2019)
  • 170m3 of added cGMP capacity will be opening with 15 production trains (Q3 2019)
  • New PR&D labs with automated double jacketed reactors and data acquisition providing improved transition to pilot plant scale (Q1 2020)
  • Expansion to include four additional cGMP clean rooms / isolation blocks (Q1 2020)
  • Growth to 300 discovery chemists (Q1 2020)
  • Addition of tech-block with pilot-scale flow reactors, liquid extraction, spray drying and crystallization development (Q2 2020)
  • New 150m3 intermediates production site planned to become operational (Q2 2020)