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Biology Services

Comprehensive biology services leveraging a global strategy to accelerate discovery

Comprehensive biology services leveraging a global strategy to accelerate discovery

Sai Life Sciences aspires to deliver over 100 small molecules clinical candidates for our innovator partners by 2025. The Biology Centre of Excellence supports this vision through a comprehensive suite of services across the spectrum of drug discovery activities, and a firm commitment to the evolving needs of our customers.

Two global sites delivering integrated value

Two global sites delivering integrated value

Our discovery biology team co-located with our teams in medicinal chemistry, process development, process engineering and scale-up enables us to accelerate our clients’ discovery programs through rapid turnaround times and shorter decision-making cycles.

In Vitro Boston

  • Fit-for-purpose exploratory biology
  • Novel assay development
  • Target/biomarker ID & validation
  • Mechanism of Action (MOA) assays
  • Cell assays & high content screening
  • SPR
In Vitro Biology (Boston)
In vitro Biology (India)

In Vitro Hyderabad

  • Fit-for-purpose assay development
  • Integrated projects with chemistry, DMPK and Tox
  • Throughput screening & SAR support
  • Cell line generation
  • Cell assays & High content screening
  • Protein production
  • Biochemical assays
  • SPR

In Vivo / Ex Vivo Hyderabad

  • Target engagement/PK-PD studies
  • Biomarker assessments
  • Efficacy models
In Vivo / Ex Vivo Biology
Biology Services
Biology facility, Hyderabad

Discovery Biology Facility, Hyderabad, India

The new state-of-the-art Biology facility, located at Sai Life Sciences’ Integrated R&D campus in Hyderabad, houses a comprehensive suite of in vitro and in vivo biology services, DMPK, toxicology and a vivarium.
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Discovery Biology Laboratory in Boston, MA, USA

Discovery Biology Lab, Boston, USA

Located in the heart of the Cambridge-Boston biotech ecosystem, this 8,500 Sq. ft. discovery biology facility provides exploratory biology services to the expanding array of start-up and biotech companies in the Boston area and to companies in North America. It enables opportunities for companies to have face-to-face collaborations with Sai scientists, and to accelerate the pace of their externalized research by reducing cycle times.
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Biology, DMPKT & Vivarium

Sai Life Sciences to significantly expand biology capabilities at its integrated R&D campus

Commences construction of new 75,000 sq. ft. facility in Hyderabad Augmenting India team to 170 biologists Sai Life Sciences, one of India’s fastest growing Contract Research, Development & Manufacturing Organizations (CRDMO), today announced plans to significantly expand its biology capabilities at its integrated R&D campus in Hyderabad, India with a dedicated 75,000 sq. ft. facility […]
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