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Particle engineering

Particle engineering

Efficient pathways to enhance particle behaviour

Our team of chemical engineers and process scientists leverage our advanced capabilities in particle engineering to optimize new synthetic routes, increase speed of development and reduce cost.

Our Infrastructure

  • Crystallization set-up with auto-samplers
    Reactors with temperature range from – 40 to + 180°C
    Capacity 100 ml to 400 ml, 50 to 1000 RPM stirring
    Automated system to control reaction parameters and generate real-time graphics
  • Focused beam reflectance measurement
    Versatile interchangeable probe design that captures particle dimensions, shape and count in real-time
  • Particle vision & measurement
    Visualizes particles and particle mechanisms in real time-with continuous capture of high-resolution images
  • XRPD, FTIR and DSC enabled

Our team is driven to engineer processes to achieve optimal particle size and size distribution in addition to improving other aspects of particle morphology and physical characteristics. Understanding crystallization and micronization form the basis of this study. We use state-of-the-art equipment to help understand the process and create a recipe that generates consistent results in the plant. Our services include proof-of-concept studies, process development & optimization and scale-up.

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