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Short-path distillation & ATFE

Short-path distillation & ATFE

A safer way to handle your thermally sensitive products

Our process engineering team is adept at making thermally sensitive products safer for scale-up using technologies such as short-path distillation and ATFE.

Short-path distillation

Short path distillation involves distillation or purification of viscous and thermally sensitive material. The unit is made of stainless steel 316L and has an effective heat transfer area of 0.3m2


Agitated thin film evaporator

The thin film (or wiped film) evaporator in our engineering block has a heat transfer area of 0.1m2 and is made of Stainless steel 316L. This is an extremely useful piece of equipment for distillation of solvents from thermally sensitive products. The required evaporation is achieved in a single pass with a residence time of a few seconds within a narrow spread. The scale formation on the heat transfer surface is very low due to the intense agitation of the liquid film and hence quantum of product hold-up is very less. Processes piloted by using this model have been scaled up in the plant.

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