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Flow chemistry

Flow chemistry

Flow chemistry services to make your process safer and more cost effective

Our flow chemistry service offering enhances operational efficiency, driving down costs and increasing value for our clients. If you have an established batch process that needs cost or safety profile improvements, our services can help evaluate the potential and commercialize them

Flow reactors at Sai Life Sciences

  • Versatile modular flow chemistry system
    Temperature control range of -70°C to +150°c.
  • Agitated Cell Reactor
    Operating conditions
    Pressure ≤ 10bar
    Temperature: -40 to +140°C
    Can handle slurries (up to 30% solids), immiscible liquids, gas-liquid mixtures and high viscosity fluids

How can Flow Chemistry help you?

We incorporate flow reactors to run processes in a continuous manner, contrary to the conventional batch mode of operation. Two or more streams of fluids are pumped through tubes into the tube reactor, where the reaction takes place. The final product stream, along with the undesired products, is then exited through the system for further downstream processing.

The major advantages are faster and safer reactions, cleaner products and easy scale-up. Furthermore, we have equipment in which the downstream processes of extraction, distillation, filtration and drying can be run in a continuous mode. This helps in realizing end-to-end benefits. These reactors are in our pilot plant and can be used effectively for “proof of concept” and “optimization” studies.

The main advantages that our reactors offer

  • Heat transfer is very effective due to the very high surface-to-volume ratio making flow chemistry suitable for highly exothermic reactions
  • Reactions can be performed at temperatures beyond the boiling point of solvents as flow chemistry reactors can handle higher pressure
  • Mixing can be achieved in a very short time.
  • Safer to operate
  • Reactions can be easily automated as compared to batch processes

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